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Rainbow Rage Classic - 106Kms


Alan Dean, No 302, the oldest rider in the history of the Rainbow Rage.

At his last Rainbow Alan was 84 years young with a wit and sense of humour and an attitude to life that a man 60 years his junior would have been proud of!






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Transport Wanted

If you need a lift to the start, or from the finish, please contact us or
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Transport Offered

If you can offer a lift to the start, or from the finish, please contact us or
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Safety and Weather Info

For Full information on what to do to stay safe, including vital weather information 
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A reasonably good forecast is available from this Norwegian website -

Remember though, any forecast over 3 days is not very reliable. But sometimes it can give an indicator of what might happen up to 7 days out.


Help stop the spread of Didymo

Didymo can have a notable impact on the insects that are a food source for many species of fish. It can form massive algal blooms. It makes riverbeds slippery posing a danger to waders and swimmers. Didymi blooms also pose a hazard for: hydroelectric power generation, irrigation and recreational water usage.

Didymo is an unwanted organism under the Biosecurity Act 1933

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